Accreditation Fee Increase Notice

2016 Mammography Accreditation Fees

On March 1, 2016, the American College of Radiology Mammography Accreditation Program will raise its fees for accreditation. The ACR has not increased accreditation fees since 2009 but our operating expenses have continued to rise during those seven years. To operate near a break-even point on the accreditation program, we must increase fees.

Accreditation Cycle Old Fee 2016 Fee

Initial, Renewal, Reinstatement – 1st unit



Initial, Renewal, Reinstatement – each additional unit



Repeat – each unit



New Unit (mid cycle)



Applications submitted after March 1, 2016 must include the correct 2016 fee. Call the ACR at 1-800-227-6440 if you have any questions.