ACR Accredited Facility Seal

Application Fees

Payment Worksheet


Accreditation program fees are listed below as a reference. When applying, use the accreditation payment worksheet.

A 10% discount is offered to sites with three or more active ACR accreditation programs (excluding mammography).

Breast MRI 

 First unit


 Each additional unit


 Each unit if accredited by ACR in MRI


Breast Ultrasound
 Ultrasound only $1200
 Ultrasound and biopsy $1400 

 First unit up to three modules $2900 
 First unit for four modules $3000 
 Each additional unit $2800 
 Each additional unit for four modules $2900 

First unit up to four modules  $2900 
 First unit for five modules $3100 
 First unit for six modules $3300 
 Each additional unit at site applying for four modules $2800 
Each additional unit for five modules  $3000 
 Each additional unit for six modules $3200 

Nuclear Medicine
 Facility fee
 Unit with one module
$700 each
Unit with two modules
$1400 each
 Unit with three modules
$2100 each

PET Module
 Facility fee
 Unit with one sub-module
$700 each
Unit with two sub-modules
$1400 each
Unit with three sub-modules
$2100 each

Stereotactic Breast Biopsy
First unit
Each additional unit

 One module (OB, gynecological, general or vascular)
 Combination of two
 Combination of three
 All four modules