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Coming Soon! New and Improved Accreditation System!

The Gold Standard in Imaging Accreditation

The ACR Accreditation team will soon unveil an updated accreditation database called ACRedit Plus with a user-friendly interface and enhanced features. ACRedit Plus will be available for all modalities (except radiation oncology) and includes several new features.

As part of the ACR’s ongoing commitment to enhancing our systems and protecting accreditation data, the new system will also institute a single sign-on (SSO) technology. The login enhancement, called ACR Login, employs technology from SSO market leader Okta that enables users to enter their login credentials one time on a single page to access all their ACR Login applications.

Certain ACR Login applications, such as ACRedit Plus, will require Multifactor Authentication (MFA). MFA necessitates users entering an additional piece of information when logging in for enhanced data security, making it harder for user accounts to become compromised. Existing accredited facilities will be contacted with additional information about the ACR login functionality closer to the launch of the new ACRedit Plus system.