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Getting Started

The Mammography Accreditation Program provides facilities with peer review and constructive feedback on staff qualifications, equipment, quality control, quality assurance, image quality and radiation dose. The Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA) requires all U.S. mammography facilities to be accredited.

Important Announcements


01 Program Requirements

Before applying for accreditation, please review the documents below for a summary of the accreditation process and the modality-specific program requirements. 

02 Frequently Asked Questions

In Feb. 2016, the FDA approved an ACR request for an alternative standard that will allow facilities to use the new ACR Digital Mammography Quality Control Manual under MQSA. The manual is now available. ACR-accredited mammography facilities, medical physicists associated with ACR-accredited facilities, and those applying for accreditation can download the PDF manual at no charge.

For the most recent FDA assistance, please visit Frequently Asked Questions about DBT and MQSA Training Requirements. If there are additional questions, contact the FDA Mammography Facility Hotline at 1-800-838-7715 or

03 Register/Log In

First-time applicants for mammography accreditation: Use the link below to register with the online accreditation system.

Existing users: If you already have an account, please log in to access your facility records. If the login person has changed, please use the link below or contact

Information for new mammography facilities:  

Submit the applicable medical physicist forms below with new or relocated units:

04 Gather Data

After we process your initial application, we will send you the following forms and testing materials. Facilities generally return the completed forms at the same time they submit their images for review.

Positioning Guidance

Personnel Forms


Quality Control and Equipment Evaluation Forms

05 Submit Data/Upload Image

ACR Accreditation requires electronic upload of all accreditation images and documents. Electronic submission reduces costs, ensures compliance with HIPAA regulations and speeds turnaround time from image submission to final results.