ACR Prostate Cancer MRI Center Designation

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Getting Started

The ACR Prostate Cancer MRI Center designation is unit-specific. All sites applying for this designation must meet the requirements outlined below, including having active ACR MR Accreditation in the body module on the designated unit(s).

01 Determine Eligibility

A facility is eligible to receive the ACR Prostate Cancer MRI Center designation if it meets the following basic criteria:

MR prostate interpreting physicians all meet the following:

02 How to Apply

Now available, sites wishing to be an ACR Designated Prostate Cancer MR Center, initial or renewal cycle, will submit an application and testing in the updated accreditation database.

The process of becoming an ACR Designated Prostate Cancer MR Center will be a 2-step process:

After completing our review, the ACR will send a confidential report for each unit to the MR prostate supervising physician at the practice site. The report includes evaluation results, defines areas that can be improved and provides recommendations for the facility.

Once Prostate Cancer MRI Center designation has been achieved, the facility will receive a certificate and a URL to an exclusive online marketing kit customized for an ACR-Designated Prostate Cancer MRI Center. This will assist in promoting the designation within the community to patients and referring physicians. The online marketing toolkit materials includes the PCMC logo that may be used on the accredited unit, reports, facility letterhead, website, advertising, etc. and customizable items for print and web use.

Facilities meeting the designation requirements will be identified as an ACR Designated Prostate Cancer MRI Center by a symbol on the ACR Accredited Facility Search page.

03 Designation Renewal

The ACR Prostate Cancer MRI Center designation will remain effective for the duration of the unit’s MR accreditation period, as long as the unit maintains ACR MR accreditation of the body module. Renewal of the designation will occur after the renewal of the MR accreditation is complete. Designation renewal requires submission of a new application, fees, clinical data form and exam submission.

04 Payment Policy and Fees

Payment must be included with the application. Applications received without payment will not be processed and will be returned if payment is not received within 30 days. Make checks payable to the American College of Radiology and reference your ACR MR modality identification number on the check or stub. Credit card payments using VISA, MasterCard and American Express are accepted. Fees are nonrefundable and are subject to change.

ACR Prostate Cancer MRI Center Designation Fee: $400 for 1st unit, $200 for each additional unit at the same physical location.